Company Profile

Basic principle

    • Our Mission

We will use the knowledge and experience we have accumulated as professional experts to present the ideal form of accounting, and by realizing it through various technologies, we will contribute to the sound development of the corporate economy by returning expertise to our clients.

    • Our Vision

We will continue to strive to improve ourselves and provide high-quality services so that we can continue to serve as a good right-hand man for our clients and a close adviser.

    • Our Culture – Code of Conduct

As a professional, we give top priority to contributing to our clients. We think and act on our own to see who our actions and judgments will affect and how they will contribute.

Origin of company name

AccounTech is

  • The coined word of “Accounting Technology”
  • Professional group to realize the ideal form of accounting through IT and other technologies

Representative greetings

AccounTech Group was established in June 2017 as an accounting professional with the objective of providing the best fields and expertise to clients who have expertise in the accounting area as well as “Accounting + α expertise” such as IT and deal services.

Our Company recognizes its social role as continuously providing value to its clients through accounting and various technologies.
In recent years, advances in IT technology on a global scale have created innovative technologies every day, and our lives are changing in ways that cannot be imagined before.

At a time when laws, regulations, and accounting standards are often enacted later in the course of technological development, in order to pursue optimal solutions in corporate activities, it is necessary to collect a variety of information from society and the environment surrounding companies, and to examine it comprehensively. This requires a high level of expertise.

Under these circumstances, we are determined to contribute to the development of society as a whole by providing society and clients with the expertise and experience that we devote every day.


Company Profile

AccounTech Group
 (As of November1, 2021)

Company AccounTech KK
AccounTech Tax Corporation
AccounTech Audit Corporation
Management Group CEO Yasumasa Katagiri
(AccounTech KK CEO/AccounTech Tax Corporation CEO/AccounTech Audit Corporation CEO)
Office Tokyo Office
Sapporo Office
Member Certified public accountant:11people
Certified public Tax accountant 5people(including:4 certified public accountants)